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Kadakkal is a small agricultural town located in Kollam district, Kerala. It is one of the main town in kollam district  and a special grade gramapanchayath.It's having a good road connectivity and transportation facilities towards all important destinations of Kerala.Kadakkal town is one of the fastest growing town in south Kerala and it's offering the facilities as same as a muncipality.Kadakkal is not declared as a Taluk,even though the town provides taluk hosipital facilities,treassury service,major bank outlets and many more.


Kadakkal Temple is one of the main landmark of kadakkal village,and it is one of the main pilgrimage centre of south kerala.Kadakkal Thiruvathira is the regional festival of kadakkal.Kadakkal town is an important business center of the eastern area of Kollam district. Kadakkal panchayat is a special grade panchayat and is looking forward to become a municipality. It covers a vast geographical area and has also a huge population. Chithara, Nilamel, Ittiva, Kummil and Chadayamangalam are the neighbouring Panchayats of Kadakkal.Kadakkal town is an important business center and is known for its spice production.Kadakkal is well known for the social revolutionary activities held in the pre-independence of India.